The beginnings…

Welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog. To be frank, I’m not entirely sure what I plan on doing with this blog, but I have some ideas.

I’ve been advised by several people that blogging during a PhD program can be incredibly rewarding and useful. However, I don’t think I want this blog just to be a hodgepodge of the math that I come across. So although many of my posts will be based on stuff I found interesting in my classes and research, I definitely will write about more than that.

Recently I decided that I am going to learn more about programming (and computer science in general) as my interests seem to lean toward scientific computing, I think this will be a productive way for me to record what I’ve done. I am currently dabbling in C++ and R, but I also work with Matlab and Mathematica. I am interested in getting some stuff online, but I’m not there yet.

I may also share my readings and thoughts about news and current affairs. As a Palestinian, I am very interested in learning more about the history and having a better understanding of how I can make a difference. As an undergraduate at Harvard, I was involved with the Palestine Solidarity Committee during my senior year and during my time at Cambridge, I worked with the Palestine Society. At UCLA, I am involved with the Students for Justice in Palestine.

Since I am almost 24, I have decided that I need to step up my reading-for-pleasure game. When I started college, I was either going to concentrate in Philosophy or Mathematics which meant I had the chance to do a lot of non-math reading. I am pretty choosy though about what I read. I can be captured by fantasy/scifi, biographies, poems, and short stories but I also enjoy reading technical textbooks, research papers from any field, and blogs. Right now, I’m reading Man Made Language by Dale Spender and next on my list is Women, Race, & Class by Angela Davis.

I guess ultimately I hope for this blog to be a public journal where I can just…write.


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